MMS 02 - Open Width Slitting and Squeezing Machine

Hydraulic platform, controlled by fluid power, for fabric trolley rotation. İt is made of stainles steel.
Squeezer for fabric in rope form, with the self adjustment of speed, to be installed on the inlet side of the line in order to reduce the water amount on the fabric by squeezing rollers coated with rubber. It automatically eliminates the tension in the rope and prepares it fort he opening process. The unwinder is mounted on height  adjustable frame to allow the threading up process.
Beater placed between the unwinder and the centring unit, it allows the opening of  the fabric as it moves down upon leaving the unwinder.
Widening and centering unit opens the fabric by the spiralled rollers and centers it  to ensure the fabric alignement with centre of the Machine.
Squeezing ünit allows the squeeze the cotton fabric up to 70% pick up.
Reel type plaiter designed for speeds up to 125 m/min.

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