Starting from 2018, with his new management and investments, Metsa Makine and it’s team that have always attached utmost significance to quality, added value and accumulated knowledge to Dyeing and Finishing Machine Technologies in cooperation with it’s local and international customers have been one of the outstanding procurers of Textile Dyeing ,Finishing  Sectors.

Metsa Makine started from the desire of a team of engineers with specialization in design, development and construction of textile dyeing & finishing machines and targeted to be in the leading companies of the textile machinery sector.

Metsa Makine offers a high technology product line to the World Textile Market, which provide the textile finishing companies with the possibility to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive market with necessary and essential attention to the environmental impact.

Metsa Makine , much praised for its commitment to quality and deep rooted experience in the field offers solutions proper for the customers with variety and quality of machines. The main reason for the confidence of customers feel for our name stems from the fact that Metsa Makine always stands by them.

Our company Metsa Makine, starting with the motto "NOT ONLY YOUR SUPPLIER, BUT YOUR PARTNER" for professionals who attach significance to business is a solution partner in the field of Dyeing & Finishing, with its policy of affordable prices, superior production lead time and ongoing aftersales services.

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